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Here are just a few examples of why Escrow Specialists stands out from all the others.

Escrow Specialists has been in business since 1981, giving us the opportunity to become involved in every possible contract situation imaginable. We have serviced accounts throughout the country.

Escrow Specialists sends a monthly statement, to both parties, which shows a current update of all balances. Our competitors use either coupons or, in some cases, charge up to $5.00 extra per month for this service.

Escrow Specialists automatically sends out a late notice and assesses a late fee if an account becomes delinquent. The seller also receives a copy of this late notice. Most other companies wait for the seller to request a late notice or charge an additional fee for this service.

Escrow Specialists will collect monthly reserves for property tax and insurance as part of our basic service. Some other companies charge extra to maintain a reserve account and to disburse from that account.

Escrow Specialists will make up to two disbursements each month as part of our basic fee. Additional disbursements are only $2.00 each. Compare that to our competitors.

Escrow Specialists guarantees the satisfaction of both parties. If for any reason they are not satisfied with our service during the first six months Escrow Specialists will refund all of the annual fee and send the documents to whoever is chosen to service the account. To our knowledge no other company or financial institution will stand behind their service like Escrow Specialists.

Escrow Specialists is continually being contacted by investors who would like to purchase Trust Deeds and Real Estate Contracts, secured by commercial and residential real estate, for cash.

Why Sell Your Note or Real Estate Contract?
You can enjoy the benefit of immediate cash instead of waiting months or even years to receive your equity. Circumstances change and many note holders need cash today for tomorrow’s promised payments.

Cash in your pocket now

Payoff debt

College Tuition

Other investment opportunities

Freedom from the stress of worrying about possible delinquent payments, foreclosure and bankruptcy

Tax obligations

Unexpected medical emergencies

Select a program to meet your specific cash flow needs:

Sell your entire Note

Sell 50% of your monthly payment amount

Sell a number of payments and then receive your Note back