Contract Servicing

Escrow Specialists has been providing the best in contract servicing since 1981. We are committed to providing exceptional service and accurate record keeping.

We service all types of contracts, including real estate loans, personal loans, car loans, business loans, leases and rentals. Escrow Specialists sends out monthly statements, to both parties, which shows a current update of all balances. The payor can make payments at our office, online, or with our automatic payment option. Payments to the beneficiary can be sent via paper check or direct deposited into a bank account.

Escrow Specialists automatically sends out a late notice and assesses a late fee if an account becomes delinquent. We will collect monthly reserves for property tax and insurance if needed as part of our basic service. Escrow Specialists will file the required year-end IRS reporting information and send out proper documentation to the payor and payee.

Let Escrow Specialists put our experience to work for you and handle all the details in servicing your loan or contract payments.